Consulting and Digital Marketing

The analysis and study of the data is a key objective for the success of a product. Our team is highly trained and specialized in data analysis, the use of the most common tools for monitoring and has strong creative skills, useful to improve the brand awareness of a digital product.

Big Data Analytics for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry

The Big Data represent an innovative method of acquisition, management and processing of large volumes of data in different formats, which have no data design schema. We provide a professional team of "Data Scientist", coming from the best research centers on artificial intelligence in Italy and specialized in the analysis of complex data.

Development of vertical solutions for the market Pharmaceutical and Health

Integrated development of comprehensive mobile and web applications, from the analysis and design to production. We are able to cover the entire production stack in a single solution, with the market expertise and experience gained over the years.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Alan Kay

Our Team

Our team has good people of which we are very proud.

Francesco Romano Marcellino

CEO and Head of Business Development and Strategic Marketing

Luana Longo

General Manager, Team Leader and Domain Expert

Valeria Pozzilli

CMO, Responsible for digital marketing and brand awareness

Silvia Franzese

Art director, Graphic Designer and UX leader

Alessandro Miliucci

Lead developer web and data integration development

Francesco Sisca

CTO, Lead developer back end and semantic web architect

Angelo Moroni

Lead developer front end and mobile development

Fulvio D'Antonio

Tech Scientist

Alberto Pacifici

Data Analyst

Katia Maniglia

Social Media Manager, copywriter and digital PR


Pharmawizard is an Health app to hel you to choose and use drugs. With Pharmawizard you can know brand name drugs, generics and OTC, active ingredients, indications and intolerances.

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.

Thomas Edison

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