Francesco Sisca CTO, Lead developer back end and semantic web architect

HFrancesco Sisca has 6 years of experience as an analyst programmer in java, software design, design of non structured database and architecture definition in Apache Tomcat, Lucene and UIMA for NLP applications. He is the CTO and responsible for all the technical issues and documentation. Specifically he will follow the IT infrastructure, the development of the semantic search engine, web services and the normalization of databases and sources.

Main competences:

- Java EE for WebApp development

- Apache Lucene for data storing

- UIMA for the NLP engine

- RESTFULL services for the WebApp services exposition

- SVN for the software versioning

- Maven for the library management

- Office, OpenOffice, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Autocad, Archicad, Kompozer,

- Programming languages: JAVA C, C++, .ASSEMBLY 8086, C#, HTML, SQL, UML. Good 3DStudioMax and Blender. Good knowledge about CMS : JOOMLA, WORDPRESS knowledge about development environments such as Netbeans, Eclipse. Good knowledge of SQL.

- OS: Microsoft 98, Microsoft XP, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Seven Ubuntu 10.4.

- Tool and framework: Hibernate, spring, eclipse and Jenkins. Librerie Apache POI, iText,

- Application Server: JBoss e del WebServer Apache Tomcat.

- Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Sql-Query Language, CouchDB, Redis, Access. JavaMail, JConnector, JFreeChart.